I Asked a $15BN Investor for Life Advice

published on 10 October 2023

This is the summary of the YouTube video by @jayhoovy

Slice 1 – Habits and consistency lead to success 💪

The speaker emphasizes the importance of developing small habits and being consistent in daily actions. These habits include working out, getting enough sleep, setting goals, and taking steps towards achieving them. The speaker believes that success is not achieved through big, life-changing events, but rather through the accumulation of daily efforts.

Slice 2 – The value of simple, boring tasks in achieving success 📈

The speaker shares his realization that success often comes from focusing on simple, mundane tasks rather than seeking out exciting and glamorous opportunities. He advises against following the crowd and instead suggests finding unexplored areas where others are not venturing. Examples of such businesses include car washes and laundromats, which can generate stable and consistent cash flows when operated effectively.

Slice 3 – The journey from a single business to a private equity empire 🏢

The speaker recounts his personal journey of starting with a single label printing business and gradually building it into a successful private equity empire. He highlights the importance of learning from mistakes and gaining experience along the way. It took time and multiple attempts before he found the right business that thrived, allowing him to establish a track record and attract investors.

Slice 4 – Learning from mistakes and overcoming initial failures 🚀

The speaker candidly admits that he faced challenges and made mistakes in his early ventures. He reveals that he lost money on five out of his first eight deals, indicating that he was not initially a skilled investor. However, he persevered, learned from his errors, and gradually improved his investment strategies over time.

Slice 5 – Persistence is key 🔑

The speaker shares their personal experiences of facing challenges and setbacks in their business journey. They emphasize the importance of persistence and not giving up, drawing inspiration from their past experiences in wrestling and rowing.

Slice 6 – Building self-belief and managing expectations 🌟

The speaker highlights the need to cultivate self-belief and manage expectations when starting a business or pursuing a career. They caution against the idea of overnight success and emphasize the importance of having a long-term mindset.

Slice 7 – Enjoying the journey and finding happiness 🌈

The speaker discusses the concept of "flow" from the book "Flow" and how it relates to finding happiness. They explain that true happiness comes from being fully present in the moment and engaging in activities that bring about a state of flow. They encourage aligning one's life to spend more time in flow states to enhance overall happiness.

Slice 8 – Flow is the key to joy and success 😊

Flow is the state of being fully present and engaged in the moment, where you are challenged and not focused on the past or future. It brings joy and enhances performance in various aspects of life, such as work and personal relationships.

Slice 9 – Hitting goals can be disappointing 😔

Achieving goals can sometimes lead to disappointment because the expectation of fulfillment is often fleeting. The real joy lies in the journey and the flow experienced while working towards those goals.

Slice 10 – Background and hard work contribute to success 💪

Coming from a modest background and having to work from a young age instills values like hard work and determination. These qualities can be advantageous in achieving success, regardless of one's starting point or privileges.

Slice 11 – Avoid the victim mentality 🚫

Adopting a victim mentality, regardless of one's circumstances, can be detrimental to personal growth and success. Taking responsibility and maintaining agency over one's life is crucial for empowerment and fulfillment.

Slice 12 – Overcoming feeling stuck 🆘

Feeling stuck is common when wanting to make changes but not knowing where to start. Taking action, even small steps, before feeling motivated is key. Consistently taking small actions towards a goal can lead to significant progress and success.

Slice 13 – Setting goals and creating momentum 🎯

Setting goals is essential for success. By consistently taking action towards those goals, even if it's as simple as writing down three things to do each day, momentum and progress can be achieved. Inertia and consistent effort are more effective than waiting for creative inspiration.

Slice 14 – Setting goals and writing them down 📝

Setting goals and writing them down helps to direct the subconscious mind towards achieving those goals. By focusing on where you want to go, you can manifest positive outcomes and make progress towards your desired destination.

Slice 15 – The power of assuming the identity of someone who has achieved the goal ✨

When you write down your goals every day, a part of you starts to assume the identity of someone who has already achieved those goals. This shift in mindset aligns your subconscious with your desired outcome, leading to consistent actions and behaviors that support your goals.

Slice 16 – Overcoming pitfalls and mistakes in the goal-setting process ⚠️

Like any habit, there may be days when you fail to write down your goals or don't follow through with the necessary actions. The key is to persevere and not give up. Even if you stumble, get back on track the next day and continue the practice. Consistency is key to seeing progress.

Slice 17 – Balancing skills-building jobs with pursuing one's passions 🏢🌍

Many individuals find themselves in jobs that may not align with their true passions. While there can be value in building skills and relationships in such roles, it's important to recognize when it's time to pursue one's own path and make a positive impact on the world. The key is to identify what you truly want to do and overcome limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

Slice 18 – The importance of clarifying goals and addressing limiting beliefs 🎯💡

To help students pursue their true aspirations, it is crucial to clarify their goals and address any limiting beliefs that may be hindering their progress. By writing down limiting beliefs and treating them as actionable tasks, they become more manageable and solvable. This process empowers individuals to overcome obstacles and move closer to their desired outcomes.

Slice 19 – Importance of identifying authentic desires and overcoming limiting beliefs 🎯:

The material emphasizes the significance of deeply reflecting on one's genuine desires, rather than conforming to societal expectations. It encourages individuals to identify and confront their fears and limiting beliefs, and then develop habits to move towards their authentic goals on a daily basis.

Slice 20 – Stress arises from conflicting values, not hard work ⚖️:

The material suggests that stress is not solely caused by hard work, but rather by conflicting values or desires. It explains that stress occurs when individuals are working hard on something they are not passionate about or when they have conflicting priorities. By aligning their energy with their true passions, individuals can reduce stress and experience greater fulfillment.

Slice 21 – Unlocking one's true potential through entrepreneurship 💡:

The material highlights the transformative power of entrepreneurship in unlocking one's true potential. It shares personal experiences of feeling unfulfilled in a corporate job and realizing that only a small fraction of one's capacity was being utilized. It emphasizes the importance of continuously growing one's capacity and pursuing fulfilling and exciting endeavors.

Slice 22 – Pioneering and innovation in private equity 🚀:

The material discusses the importance of pioneering and innovation in the private equity industry. It reveals that the speaker's firm has around 20 unique practices that set them apart from other firms. They schedule innovation sessions, ask critical questions, and give themselves permission to explore unconventional ideas. This approach has led to breakthroughs and financial success.

Slice 23 – Managing energy for optimal decision-making and enjoyment of life ⚡:

The material emphasizes the significance of managing energy for better decision-making and overall enjoyment of life. The speaker shares their commitment to prioritizing sleep, maintaining a strict diet, and avoiding substances like caffeine and alcohol. They believe that these practices contribute to their sustained energy levels and well-being.

Slice 24 – Building the best private equity empire 🏰:

The material expresses the speaker's ambition to build the best private equity empire. While specific details are not shared, the speaker's energy and determination are evident. They acknowledge the challenges they face in the industry but are driven to create something exceptional.

Slice 25 – Playing a different game 🎮

The speaker emphasizes the importance of playing a different game in order to build a better firm. By avoiding bidding on the same things as everyone else, they can avoid being limited by low returns and instead focus on unique opportunities.

Slice 26 – Manufacturing their own management teams 🏢

The speaker explains that they hire talented individuals from top business schools and develop their own leaders. This allows them to acquire companies without pre-existing leadership, which is a less competitive market.

Slice 27 – Talent is the key to success 💼

The speaker shares their realization that talent is the most important factor in their business. They prioritize attracting and retaining the best people, as talent is highly correlated with returns.

Slice 28 – Leverage through hiring 🤝

The speaker highlights the power of hiring talented individuals. By hiring people who are even better than themselves, they can exponentially increase their output and achieve greater success.

Slice 29 – The impact of A vs B players ⚖️

The speaker explains that the difference between an A and B player is not just a small percentage, but can be exponentially greater. Recognizing and hiring A players is crucial for maximizing success.

Slice 30 – Identifying A+ players 🌟

The speaker acknowledges that identifying A+ players can be challenging. They dispel the myth that it's easy and share that their experience and ability to evaluate talent has helped them spot and hire the best individuals.

Slice 31 – Hiring for attributes over experience 🎯

The speaker emphasizes the importance of hiring based on attributes such as persistence and drive rather than solely focusing on experience. They believe that who a person is matters more than what they have done in the past.

Slice 32 – Knowing where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there 🗺️

The speaker advises individuals to have a clear understanding of their current situation, their desired destination, and the steps required to reach their goals. They encourage self-reflection and intellectual honesty to identify limiting beliefs and determine personal aspirations.

Slice 33 – Dreaming big and thinking long-term 🌟

The speaker suggests that individuals should envision what they would do if failure was not a concern and think in terms of five or ten-year goals rather than short-term objectives. They emphasize the importance of giving oneself permission to dream and not worrying about the "how" at this stage.

Slice 34 – Tactics for achieving goals 📝

The speaker provides practical advice for achieving goals, such as creating a list of actions, identifying people who can help, and seeking relevant resources. They highlight that the tactics for reaching goals are relatively straightforward once clarity on the destination and starting point is established.

Slice 35 – Goals evolving over time 🔄

The speaker acknowledges that goals can change as individuals grow and gain new perspectives. They share their personal goals of building the greatest private equity firm and making a broader impact through teaching. They emphasize the importance of constantly working towards goals and adapting as necessary.

Slice 36 – Great things take time ⏳

The speaker's advice, if they could put it on a billboard, would be that great things require patience and time. They challenge the notion of instant gratification and emphasize the value of perseverance and compounding efforts over time.

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